Health Coaching

Saadia is a certified health and wellness coach and will now be offering free 20-minute virtual consultations via Zoom or over the phone on Thursday afternoons from 1-5 pm.

She can help you with any of your health needs including 

  • weight loss

  • diet planning

  • exercise guidance

  • sleep improvement

  • stress reduction

To book a session, email with the time and date of when you would like to meet. She'll email you back confirming your appointment or work with you to find another opening. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so with at least 24 hours' notice.

A Word From Saadia

I have followed a journey in health and fitness for the past 5 years. My juice bar business has offered me the opportunity  to improve the lives of so many of my friends and customers. It has also offered me the opportunity to change my own life. I have become healthier both in my body and in my mind and learned how connecting movement and nutrition can help me flourish. I am fascinated by what I have learned and experienced. Numerous hours of researching, educating myself, listening to other’s experience and taking educational courses in the wellness and food industry at University of Richmond has opened up new doors to me.


As a certified health coach and someone who adores health and wellness of mind and body, I would love to share that experience with others and assist them in their three-step journey. The first step is providing my customers with healthy food made with simple and clean ingredients; the second step is helping them to make lifestyle and behavior changes associated with optimal health of mind and body; and the third step is supporting them to continue this new phase of their life. I am not alone. We have an amazing team and a great community here. Together we can empower each other to eat better, live healthier and feel great in our body and mind.


Are you interested in starting your journey?